The Cloud is just someone else’s computer. If you didn’t know, now you know. You are accustomed to using the cloud for a lot of your business already. Most businesses that I speak with outsource to the cloud their storage (Dropbox), their web hosting (Blue host), and even their phone systems (Skype).

If you are a small or medium business, you don’t really have to time to become an expert systems administrator just so you can build a web server and host your website. It’s much easier to point and click on Bluehost, upload a wordpress CMS, and BAM! You are online.

I argue that the same can (and should) be said for your security. You should not buy and configure a security server, firewalls, or backup storage. Instead, you should trust an expert to handle that on their computer. There are two compelling reasons.

1)      This stuff is hard. Getting security right is technically difficult. Whatever you do in your business is probably difficult and you are likely an expert. If I want what you offer, I would be better placed to hire you than to do it myself. Experts get the job done better, cheaper, and faster.

2)      Technology changes so rapidly, it’s a full-time job. Technology changes all the time. You know this. The security landscape changes all the time. Your webhost replaces and upgrades their web servers all the time. That upgrade and replacement is expensive and takes a lot of effort. Imagine if you had to do that on your own. It’s insane. It’s the same with security. You shouldn’t have to stay abreast of the new security flaws so you know when and what to patch, nor should  you upgrade your firewalls, servers, or anything else to stay up-to-date. Let someone else do that so you can focus on your customers.

Making smart investments in accounting, finance, and technology (which includes security) can free you up to make an impact in your business and with your customers.