I went to a SANS workshop a few weeks ago, after spending a day mentoring young women in Step Into STEM mentoring program. I like London, there are a lot of talented people trying to help other talented people.

I was asked about my specialty. “What is the one thing you have chosen to specialise in?” For me, that’s nothing, other than maybe having fun.

If you are a super specialist, you are in for a troubled time. Not immediately, since you are essential and well paid. But if you are a super specialist you are placing your bets on the thing you are specialising in. You’re betting that you’ll not be replaced by a machine and that your speciality will last, or you plan to always be learning so when your speciality is useless you can quickly pivot.

I’m in the always-be-learning track. The only way to stay future proof in technology is to either be the ultra-best, build a big company and cash out, or always be learning. I know myself, I like my life, I’ll always be learning. What about you?