Most people looking to join this cool career are techies. They are hackers or hacker wanna-bes. Most young people I meet want to do Pen Testing. Pen Testing is ethical hacking. Hacking for fun and profit, legally. It’s good fun. You solve problems.

But if you look around security teams, there is not really a need for tons of hackers. We need engineers, designers, architects, project managers, commercial leads, business development people, and devops wunderkinds.

What? Most of that makes sense. Security research, hacking, software dev, those are security skills. Security consulting, that’s a security skill for someone who plays well with others. But all that business crap?

If you are in business and love business and care about business, I challenge you to focus that energy on the security business. Companies all over the planet that produce and sell excellent security products and services are full of techie geniuses. Those geniuses need solid business expertise to manage projects, sell services, define commercial agreements, and account. Those business people should gain security understand but should also be able to understand the bigger picture.

If you are into business, I challenge you to join security. There is a ton of money, not enough talent, and room to grow.