Whenever I setup a backup solution for a friend with a small website, I recommend Backup Buddy. It’s quick and easy. This isn’t a marketing post; there are other backup solutions that you can use. Find one that fits your effort, skill, and budget. This post is a quick slap to back up your website.

Small Businesses Have A Lot To Lose

If you have a business that makes a few hundred or thousand dollars per month, you are likely to be someone who wants to keep that few hundred or thousand dollars per month. You also won’t have the resources (likely) to pay someone thousands of dollars to fix a hacked website.

If you are low or no tech and you screw up your website database, you won’t really have the skills to fix your website without spending a lot of money and wasting a lot of time.

Backups are smart. You’ve known this since you were young. Get a backup solution configured on your website, backup weekly and monthly to your email and to the cloud, and rest a bit easier. When something bad happens, or when something stupid happens, or when you install a theme that jacks up the entire website, you’ll be able to download, point, upload, click, and then smile because restoring a working website is easy.

You can even get a friend or small consultant to help you on the cheap, but honestly you should learn to take care of your website in the same way you learned to shave, floss, and clean your ears. A safe, secure website keeps your small business humming. Losing that business might not bankrupt you, but it sure does suck.