I found a way to fast-track your cyber security career. If you want to join cyber security but don’t currently have education or certificates or experience in cyber security, you might feel lost. That’s a fair way to feel.

You may not have the confidence to apply for a job and you may be dissuaded (if you are an adult) from taking an entry-level, low-paying job. You may not want to work night shift in a SOC staring at a screen waiting for a red flash. You may not want to be an “L1”.

So how do you fast-track your career? Win. Specifically, participate and succeed in this: https://cybersecuritychallenge.org.uk/

The UK Cyber Security challenge is sponsored by some of the largest companies in the UK that actively seek, train, and employ cyber security talent.

If you are British or Eu and live in the UK, sign up for the cyber security challenge, read the entire website, make a profile, and start hacking. There are competitions and at these competitions, the sponsors (ie. large employers) are always hiring contestants from the challenge. If you start the challenge, figure out how to succeed in the online portion, get invited to a competition, and practice enough to do well at those competitions, you *will* be recruited and will have the opportunity to negotiate your starting salary. Some 20-year olds are making what serious adults make, because they did well in the challenge and proved their skills.

Go. Do that.