There is a talent shortage in information security. Smart engineers are looking to solve that problem with automation. They are building AI systems that can handle the first level of analyst work.

Traditionally, if a security event occurs the first level analyst will look at that event and either close the ticket or triage the ticket to a specialist. There are not enough talented people at the first, second, or third level. The only ways to get into the second or third level are to start as a first or to be supremely skilled.

If you are supremely skilled, you don’t need this website. You have a career and you are sought after. If you are a normal person, like me, then you will need to start at the entry level.

And here is the secret to long-term job security. That AI won’t rip apart all the jobs. Looking for the entry level is not a losing proposing. Because once you are in security, as long as you don’t royally screw up, you will have a long and fruitful (and rich!) career.

So follow this website, ask the right questions, and just get an entry-level security job. Learn on the job. Self study after work. And once you get it, truly get it, up-skill so those AI systems don’t make you redundant.

Because we always will need smart, curious, capable security experts. And the only way to become a security expert is to start as a security novice, put in the hard work, and walk through the doors as they open.